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I'm trying to determine how to set up dual NICs on my Server 2008 box (not R2). I want all web traffic on one NIC and all Hyper-V traffic on the other.

  1. Is this possible? ( I assume that it is )
  2. How is this done? ( A link to a tutorial you know of would be great )

Both NICs are the same (Intel PRO/1000 EB Network Connection with I/O Acceleration).

Thanks in advance, Randall

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Yes it is possible & yes it's easy...

Just set the IP address on each nic to be whatever suits and then in the service/application set it to use relevent IP address - Windows will do the rest.

For example: Web Hyper-V

In IIS (I presume thats what you are using) set it to listen only on the .5 IP address. Likewise for Hyper-V.

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What do you mean 'in the service/application set it to use ...' ? Are you saying there's something in IIS manager that lets me bind the default website to a particular IP address? What about in the Hyper-V manager? I see where you can bind the Virtual Network to either card, but only 1 of my NICs shows connected to the internet. The other simply says Local Only. – Randall Sexton Jun 17 '10 at 12:46
IIS7: Right click your site and click on "edit bindings" remove the * which means all IP addresses and enter the relevant IP address. HyperV: - no idea sorry. – Jon Rhoades Jun 18 '10 at 0:51

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