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After update to 10.6.4 there's an issue: any new users that I create in Server Prefs/WGM can't post to their blogs, comment, create wiki pages... They can't do anything! There's log from Wiki errors (when user DURAK tries to create new blog entry):

[HTTPChannel,5,] Traceback (most recent call last):
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/caldavd/lib/python/twisted/web/", line 126, in process
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/caldavd/lib/python/twisted/web/", line 133, in render
body = resrc.render(self)
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_xmlrpc_server/", line 90, in render
d = defer.maybeDeferred(function, *args)
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/caldavd/lib/python/twisted/internet/", line 104, in maybeDeferred
result = f(*args, **kw)
[HTTPChannel,5,] --- <exception caught here> ---
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_xmlrpc_server/", line 121, in xmlrpc_addEntry
aPage = ContentEntry.newBundleBasedContentEntry
(path = path, content = content, author = author, title = title, uid = uid, type = kind, versioned = self.versioned, templateName = template)
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_wlt/", line 794, in newBundleBasedContentEntry'First created', 'created')
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_wlt/", line 445, in save
revisions.addRevision(self.serializeEntry(revisionAttributes), inComment = comment, inAuthor = updateAuthor, inChangeType = editType)
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_utilities/", line 36, in _func
result = f(self, *args, **kwargs)
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/usr/share/wikid/lib/python/apple_utilities/", line 49, in addRevision
contentPlistStr = plistlib.writePlistToString(inContentDict).decode("utf-8")
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 110, in writePlistToString
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 94, in writePlist
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 251, in writeValue
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 280, in writeDict
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 238, in writeValue
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 171, in simpleElement
[HTTPChannel,5,]   File "/S-m/Lib-ry/Fr-ks/", line 221, in _escapeAndEncode
[HTTPChannel,5,] exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)
[HTTPChannel,5,] 'Unparseable html in page, removing whatever was already written.'
[HTTPChannel,5,] Removing /Library/Collaboration/Users/durak/weblog/

Any "old" user CAN create, modify, comment, etc. What can you recommend to fix this issue?

Hope for your help...

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Update of Wiki server removed this issue.

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