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I am using the TS Web Access feature provided by windows server 2008 to publish programs so that they can be accessed over internet using RDC client. I am able to access the programs from the intranet domain . However, when i try from outside the college network, i am only able to see the published programs but not connect to them as i get an error saying "Remote computer cannot be connected. The certificate subject name and the gateway address requested do not match." . pls note that i have created a self -signed certificate and installed on server myself. Also, i am using the direct IPAddress of the server as the gateway address.

Since i am able to access programs from with domain , i suspect it to be a simple setting with gateway or certificate. Please let me know if any further info is required on this..any help is appreciated..

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Check the following link, and look for section Certificate identity mismatch

Hope this helps

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Sorry for responding so late. The link provided above was very useful. Once i got a DNS entry pointing to my Server IP, i used that address to create a new certificate using active directory certificate services role provided by win server 2008. I then saved this certificate in trusted root certification authorities on the client machine. Then everything just worked fine. – varun Jul 15 '10 at 2:19

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