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I would like opinions on network inventory software for a medium sized financial business.


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Could you add a little more detail to the question? What platforms do you need to inventory? Do you just want inventory, or do you want configuration management and provisioning as well? – Murali Suriar May 29 '09 at 23:17
needs more detail but is probably OK as-is until a better version of this is asked – Jeff Atwood May 30 '09 at 5:35

If you are looking for network, server, pc, and software inventory check out spiceworks.

Great product. I have used it on both small and medium sized networks. And did I mention it is free


This seems like it's been covered here:

Lots of great answers there. Hope it satisfies your needs!


I recently started using OCS Inventory and find it quite useful. The agent on the client regularly updates the central server, so its install and forget about it.


If you are looking at purely network inventory (routers, switches, firewalls etc), then Opsware NAS and Voyence are two possible candidates. Both perform automated discovery, configuration management/backup and allow centralised configuration deployment.

I've not used it personally, but my understanding is that Voyence also has some nice features in terms of new device provisioning: i.e. you can define a set of best practise configuration, with some parameterised details like hostname, addressing etc and it will automatically provision a new device via a console connection.

If you are looking at more general inventory systems for everything (servers, desktops, network), then Spiceworks does appear to meet the needs of most users in small/medium sized businesses.


If you're looking for network devices you could get what you wanted with OpenView.

If you're looking for server and desktop inventory there a ton of choices including Tivoli Provisioning Manager (IBM), UniCenter (CA), or System Center (Microsoft). Of course those are on the expensive end.

We use Admin Arsenal (our product). It has a strong focus on inventory collection, as well as other system management tasks.


Hardware Inventory - is a free program for getting hardware and software information from all computers in your network. Home page: Hardware Inventory