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I get a 404 page when loging in to wordpress for all my users. It adds an extra "/" so its like

I am using:<?php wp_loginout(urlencode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); ?>

So that after a user logs in, it brings them back to where they were.

Is there something wrong with that code? Any ideas? This might help: Thanks

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Is there a reason why you're running urlencode() on REQUEST_URI? It appears WP already has an esc_url() function that parses that variable when you run wp_loginout. Perhaps too much escaping is causing the extra slash? – James Jun 19 '10 at 3:42
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OK. I actually had a few minutes to test this on my Wordpress 2.9.2 blog.

The issue you are having, as mentioned in my comment, is that you're escaping $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] in your paramters of wp_loginout(). That function, wp_loginout(), already has a url cleanser called esc_url().

So, if you just write...

<?php wp_loginout($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); ?>

... your code will work as you want it to.

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James works great. I really appreciate it. I had taken the code from some forum, no idea what it meant. Wish i could give you plus1 :) not enough reputation... – thegreyspot Jun 19 '10 at 4:33
No worries. I'm glad it worked. Escaping strings can always be a tricky endeavor in PHP development. Every function does it different or behaves in a way that puzzles one for hours. – James Jun 19 '10 at 6:03

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