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Is it possible/how can I configure an Nginx location block to proxy to different backends depending on the request method (ie. GET/POST)?

The reason is, I am currently handling the 2 methods at 2 different URLs (one via http proxy and the other via fcgi) and am trying to make it more "REST"ful so, would ideally like the GETting the resource to return the list, while POSTing to the same resource should add to the list.

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I don't use this configuration, but based on the examples here:

location /service  {
  if ($request_method = POST ) {

  if ($request_method = GET ) {
     alias /path/to/files;


If your writing your own app, you can also consider checking GET/POST in it, and sending X-Accel-Redirect headers to hand off transport of the files to nginx.

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The GET block is a proxy_pass in my case, but otherwise that works. At the moment I'm not using the second if block, nginx appears to be stopping "processing" when the fastcgi_pass directive is reached (ie. not falling through and running the proxy pass as well) because I want anything other than POST to revert to the proxy. – Brenton Alker Jun 20 '10 at 11:51

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