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Possible Duplicate:
What tool do you use to monitor your servers?


i'm a newbie at server administration, for that my questions :P

i'm needing a system monitoring software that work on centos 5 that basically send me a daily report of:

*server loads on the day, maximum and minimum and when happened, also what service what consuming more resources *disk space available *bandwidth used (if is possible)

and urgent report at this situations:

*when any of the process are unable to start or are down (as mysql, apache, proftpd etc..) *when there is a high load and if is possible what service is causing it *when there is too much login attempt to a ftp/ssh accounts or a specified port

if the app can send a sms alert also is better but is not critical.

thanks for the help

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Nagios is the de facto standard in Linux for simple monitoring. Nagios is great at monitoring ports/services, and contacting people if/when things aren't great.

Install it, set up a few monitors/contacts/hosts, and give it a go. There are plenty more, including nagios with prettier frontends, but IMO it's pretty important o know how to do the things that a GUI would do for you later. Nagios does have a number of config files, which can be a little daunting.

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