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I got error when using imapsync:

+ NO msg #8902 [6LRM0SNoLvi5ehuhf0ysRA:2796] in INBOX
+ Copying msg #8902:2796 to folder INBOX
flags from : [][]
Couldn't append msg #8902 (Subject:[Kaka]) to folder INBOX: 91 BAD Command Argument Error. 11

++++ Statistics ++++
Time                   : 24 sec
Messages transfered    : 0
Messages skipped       : 0
Total bytes transfered : 0
Total bytes skipped    : 0
Total bytes error      : 4661237
Detected 91 errors

What is the meaning of this error msg? How can I resolve it?


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My bad, I've downloaded wrong version.

Get the latest and it'll be fine. The download site: Notice that ver number 1.99 is older than ver 1.315.

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