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I have a user who is a member of a distribution group.

Currently the user and the distribution group can both receive external email.

I would like the user not to receive external mail sent to his own address, only to receive external mail sent to him via the distribution group.

In the users mailbox properties - Delivery Restrictions, I have tried the "only senders in the following list" and adding the distribution group, and also the "require that all senders are autheticated" setting. However when I enable these settings, email is blocked when addressed to the user (as expected) but also email sent to the distribution list.

How do I acheive this in Exchange 2007 ?

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What I suggest is a workaround. See if you can create a mailbox to be used as a 'forwarder' only mailbox. Make this new mailbox a member of the distribution list. From the mail flow settings -Configure the new mailbox to accept messages only from the certain addresses (then specify unique address- only senders in the following list). In delivery options of the new mailbox select forward to - and put in the recipient who is not allowed to receive external email.Then remove the recipient who is not allowed to receive external email from the distribution list. I did have time to test the workaround, I hope this helps.

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