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I have just started using spamassassin for my email server.

I am unable to find an answer for following questions:

  1. Does spamassassin scans attachments?

  2. If not, what plugins can be used for the same.

As far as I can comprehend spamassassin can dmime an attachment and can scan it if it's in a plain format (like html, txt etc), Is my assumption correct?

Thanks in advance

Ashish Sharma

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Yes, it will scan them up to X kilobytes, where X is defined by --max-size parameter given to spamc, or for example the message size limit configured in amavisd-new.

What kind of attachments SpamAssassin will scan is depending on what kind of unarchivers and viewers you have installed. I you don't have (un)zip installed, don't expect SpamAssassin to dig through zip archives ... :-)

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Spamassassin will scan the first X kB of each message-part (where X is configurable).

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