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I'm running an Exchange 2010 server. I need to allow POP3 authentication using an email address as the user ID instead of the domain username. Here's an example:

AD Domain: domain.local
Email domain:
Username: johndoe
email address:

John logs into his computer using the username johndoe@domain.local but has an email address that is Can I enable POP3 authentication using the email address rather than the UPN? How do I do this?

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mapi-labs will do this as long as you setup the addittional email in the email settings in AD>> user>> username. pretty straightforward really

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Well, looks like the answer is that there is no answer. There is no way to do this. Exchange will only authenticate using domain username.

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I know that to be the case with Exchange 2003, and based on your post it looks like it's the same with Exchange 2010. Thanks for the info. – joeqwerty Jul 3 '10 at 3:58

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