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I'm setting up a Windows Server 2008 box, and everything is working great (database, remote login, etc.), but it doesn't respond to ping. Normally I might not care, but I'm setting up Nagios monitoring for it, too, and Nagios seems to want to know it can ping it.

My first thought was the firewall, but I even tried turning the firewall off entirely for a minute, and I still couldn't ping it.

What am I missing? Is there something I need to enable/disable to make ping work?

(Have pity ... I'm normally a Unix admin, not a Windows admin. :-)

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Ah, I'm an idiot. I'd tried turning the firewall off but only managed to do so for one profile. The public profile (duh) was indeed blocking ICMP ECHO.


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You didn't turn off the public profile firewall, did you? I'm pretty sure you would have just enabled ICMP Echo but your wording has me worried! – William Jun 23 '10 at 4:50

Thanks..what I did to my Win Server 2008 R2 Ent.. was click to Administrative Tools then Windows Firewall and Advanced Security..go to Inbound Rules..navigate to File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMv4-in) as well as ICMv6in) and voila i can ping now..

Marlon V. Macua LGU-Trinidad, Bohol Sys Admin

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