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I would like to make a website to host videos, and/or large files to a large community of 5000 for example. What would be the best solution?


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What is your budget? What is your estimate of the storage and bandwidth requirements? Is the content public or restricted, and will you need it hosted under a specific legal jurisdiction? –  William Jun 23 '10 at 4:48

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Your probably looking for a content delivery network. There's several around on the internet.

I've used EdgeCast with great success. This link provides information on CDNs, as well as several free and commercial CDNs.

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There isn't a simple answer for your question. It depends on what sort of website you are building. Is it a website dedicated to people downloading videos and large files?

If that's the case, you may want to look at Amazon. Their S3 service has some streaming features. I haven't tried that feature yet but it seems like something that you may find useful.

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