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I'm a fan of the fish protocol using konqueror (fish://user@host) on Linux. Can I set up the same thing on the Mac? Ideally, having it integrated with the Finder would be great.

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The fish thing seems to be using SFTP, so Macfusion might work (configure it for SSH). But not having a Mac, I can't test.

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OSX includes sftp. OSX's Terminal can open SFTP connections, open Terminal and hit cmd-shift-K. Lets you save ssh, sftp, telnet and ftp sessions. Not finder integrated.

For a more finder integrated way of using a file system over ssh have a look at and

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You might also like ExpanDrive (, which allows you to mount SFTP connections like other network shares or removable drives. It's commercial software that uses MacFUSE, but has quite a lot of useful improvements over the basic MacFUSE SFTP functionality.

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The finder allows you to make (S)FTP sessions.

'Connect to server' allows a range of protocols:

smb:// ftp:// afp:// etc...

I just can't remember which menu it is off the top of my head.

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