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transfer logins from sql 2000 to 2005/2008: (method2) works pretty good, however it doesn't transfer login's status (i.e. denied) nor the server level role membership, is there a script that covers these things?

What's the best way to verify a sql authenticated login's password on the source and destination server is the same? the source server is 2000, the destination server can be sql 2005 or sql 2008

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The code in Method 2 should do the trick, provided that you pass in the @include_db and @include_role parameters of the sp_help_revlogin_2000_to_2005 procedure to 1. When it creates the output are you seeing the dynamic SQL which calls the sp_addsrvrolemember? To have NT logins created as a DENY you'll need to remove the double dash "--" from before the sp_denylogin commands.

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