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I realise that it would be a bit 'volatile', but I can't find a list of port numbers and the applications or services that would use them by default.

Sometimes seeing javaw.exe just isn't good enough :)

Note: To see the ports in use on a Windows OS machine, use netstat at the command line or download TCPview for example.


Additional question. Can an application use a range of ports?

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If you want the list of officially registered ports you can look on IANA.

Can an application use a range of ports?

Absolutely. For example SIP, or H.323 typically have half a dozen different connections open at the same time for all the content streams and control streams. FTP uses at least two and occasionally more ports.

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This is as good as it gets - Thank you! – ian_scho Jun 26 '10 at 14:14

On a non-windows system,

cat /etc/services

Will show the IANA registered names for ports. Of course, this doesn't really tell you which applications will use which ports, but it at least gives you a hint about what ports mught be used. For example, your email application will likely use one or more of the following: smtp, pop3, imap, pop3s, imaps.

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