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I have installed a Squid proxy outside of my private LAN. How can I make my communication secure between my PC and Squid proxy so that no one sitting on my LAN sniff my communication?

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You should use a ssh tunnel, (clients : openssh on tux, putty on win)

The tunnel will redirect your local port, say 3128, to your squid (so localhost:3128 on your remote machine hosting squid)

So, personally i use :

ssh -N -f -L3128:localhost:3128

-N Do not execute a remote command. This is useful for just forwarding ports (protocol version 2 only).

-f Requests ssh to go to background just before command execution.

-L : Port 3128 is tunneled to to localhost:3128

Using putty you can do the same, just follow instructions found right there :

You'll got screenshoots of each steps with explanations, you sould see :

L3128 localhost:3128 on your Tunnels window in your putty, if you have a proxy on your remote box, then just configure your browser to use a proxy at localhost:3128

Another possiblity is to use -D (Dynamic) so to have

D1080 on your Tunnels window in putty, it works like a Socks server, so configure your browser to use a socks server on localhost:1080, this one don't need to have a proxy running on the remote server, so it's my favorite !

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Thanks for the comments. I have putty on my local machine (Windows XP). Now what steps shall I follow to redirect my browser traffic via putty? – user46673 Jun 24 '10 at 9:36
Just editted my message adding some response on how to use Putty – Mandark Jun 25 '10 at 12:23

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