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Since Geocities is closing down soon, I'm looking for a suitable replacement.

This is for personal use, so bandwidth and diskspace isn't important. That's why I've been using Geocities' meager 15 MB space for YEARS. :)

Any good recommendations?

UPDATE: Oops, I reread the FAQ after it's closed, and it doesn't seems like I can post questions like this. On the other hand, I managed to get some noteworthy recommendations to start, so it's totally worth it. :)

Also, for those who ended up here, check the really useful "Where can I ask questions that aren’t IT questions?".

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Ah geocities - we hardly knew ya :-) I'm really gonna miss that site. – Rook May 30 '09 at 8:59

Try google sites.

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I used freehostia for a while, and it wasn't so bad.

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Google sites is nice, but you might also want to consider: has a good reputation as a free web hosting service. isn't free, but it's stupidly cheap and the pennies a month it'll cost could well be worth it for the additional flexibility it offers over a completely free service.

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I have had a site at for over a year now. The up-time is great and its totally free.

I think you have to FTP the site over.

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