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I have tried the following:

mailx -s "test"

which says bash no command found.

also have tried : Mail -s "test"

which says /usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory

even though the file name is valid

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For basic sending, just try echo "Body Text" | mutt -a <file> -s "test"

Now, as Sleske mentioned, you might need to modify /etc/mail/ to configure this differently. But if you're just wanting to send, and not receive, E-Mails locally, and you've already got an MX record for, I think you should be all set.

Also, given your 'command not found' issues, double check you have MTAs installed. use rpm -q sendmail or rpm -q mutt, and see if you find any packages.


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(  cat body.txt 
   uuencode pic.jpg pic.jpg
) | mailx -s "subject" 

try this

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You first need to set up a local mail server, and configure it to send mails (usually by passing them on to your ISP's relaying mail server).

See e.g.

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