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I want to do some research on anti-bot techniques for my web application. I am aware of Captcha, but want to explore some other techniques. Especially, I want users to visit all the pages before they fill a request form.

I am using LAMP.

Any suggestions are most welcome.


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Are you talking about things like comment spam? Is it for a forum, blog or other community based web application? – TechZilla Sep 9 '11 at 14:59

lighttpd has a Trigger before Download module that requires a user to hit particular pages to add the IP to the hash that allowed access to the protected resource. There was a company that wrote an apache module called TrafficGuardian that did the same thing.

Another method would be to maintain a session hash that kept track of the resources viewed, and your protected resource checks to see that the hash has all values set.

Many different ways to do it.

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