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We are using debian lenny on a server & we are using it for monitoring server & sending email for reporting. We are using sendmail to send emails.

We found the following error when we did not receive mail.

Error :-

debian kernel: [3029475.124022] sendEmail[15688]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000 sp bfffe15c error 4 in perl[8048000+131000]

Please help me too find the issue. Is this could be the problem with hardware???

Thanks in advance.

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Assuming this has been working in the past, no recent changes etc, I'd guess that you have a memory error. Try rebooting and running a memtest See here for memtest tutorial

If you can't reboot, I was just reading this interesting ksplice blog about a system with memory errors. In that case the expr binary was cached and the writer was able to get it to reload from disk by dropping the caches on his system.

As always, be careful, this could have consequences for performance of the machine while the caches get primed again.

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