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I have installed Ubuntu9.10 on VM VirtualBox, on my HP laptop. My laptop has several USB ports and also a SD card port. Unfortunately, I'm unable to access both, my pen-drive on the USB port and my 8GB SD card inserted in the SD Card port. Can anyone suggest me what I should do for my Ubuntu to detect both of them?

I have installed all latest updates on Ubuntu. I'm able to use my USB mouse.

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Are you using the Sun/Oracle VirtualBox or the OSE version? Only the official version has direct USB support - the mouse support will be from the host OS.

Right-click on the USB icon:

virtualbox tray usb icon

and select the device there.

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I'm using Oracle VM Virtual Box. – vikramtheone Jun 25 '10 at 7:10
Sorry Andrew, I'm unable to see any devices getting listed in that to select. Moreover, I would like to see the devices I add getting recognized my Ubuntu. For my future I would like to burn a Ubuntu ISO into my SD Card. – vikramtheone Jun 25 '10 at 8:17

When you are unable to pass USB-slots trough to the VM, or you get the error Failed to access the USB subsystem, you should add the user to the group vboxusers like this:

usermod -aG vboxusers username
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