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I'm trying to setup phpUnderControl on Ubuntu 10.04 following this tutorial I get to the part where it says to type in sudo phpuc example /opt/cruisecontrol but recieve the following error: Missing cli tool 'phpcb', check the PATH variable. I did a little googling but can't seem to find reference of a phpcb anywhere. Does anyone know what this is and where I might get it? Thanks.

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The missing cli tool 'phpcb' is a PHP Code Browser, not a beautifier. You install it using pear, from the same repository as phpunit:

pear channel-discover
pear install phpunit/PHP_CodeBrowser


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thanks! it worked for me – demon Jun 19 '11 at 18:13
the correct version is now: pear install --alldeps phpqatools/PHP_CodeBrowser – bluszcz Sep 27 '12 at 15:54

I just realized that it's phpCodeBeautifier ( In case anyone runs across this in the future with this same problem I just downloaded it and copied the file in /bin and I had to rename it from phpCB to phpcb.

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