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I was wondering what would be the best way to monitor multiple EC2 instances, I saw Amazon offers CloudWatch but it costs money! Is there any alternative?

I've heard that Cacti is particularly good,


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For simple needs, or Pingdom might do. They are easy to set up and offer text message alerts. – SilentSteel Jan 7 '15 at 23:27
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Yes, Basic Monitoring is free now.

Here's the latest news on Free Monitoring for Amazon EC2 Instances from AWS. Basic Monitoring, which is free, provides metrics at 5-minute granularity, as opposed to Detailed Monitoring, which provides metrics at 1-minute granularity at $0.015 per instance-hour.

From Amazon CloudWatch:

Amazon CloudWatch provides free Basic Monitoring for all Amazon EC2 instances. Basic Monitoring provides metrics at 5-minute granularity.

Customers can optionally choose to enable Detailed Monitoring, which provides metrics at one-minute frequency for an additional $0.015 per instance-hour.

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You can monitor them the same way you'd monitor physical servers.

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If you're in for something free, use Cloudkick! Requires almost no effort to do anything. It's basic, but will get the job done.

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