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I'm looking for a way to create a custom Windows XP that would contain specific applications.

I get to install lots of WinXP nowadays and instead of fetching all the software all over again I wish make some sort of custom-image of that XP version.

Anyone got any clue which software (or set of softwares) could help me do that ?

Thanks in advance.

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You could try creating a WindowsXP installed computer with all the applications you need, and then use "sysprep" tool to create an image that can be then put on many computers.

Sysprep allows you to seal an image that will run a "mini-setup" when first booted. This way you can have a single image, to fit many hardware types and with all your software pre-installed.

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Yeah, sysprep's what I use to do exactly that. To expand a little on katriel's answer, I usually:

  • Install the OS, OS updates and any drivers required, including drivers for hardware that may be present in other PCs that I apply the image to.

  • Install any apps that I need.

  • Run a little perl script to write zeroes to all the blank bits of the disk. This will make the image compress better.

  • Run sysprep and put in all the options for the mini-setup, then use the re-seal function to get the machine into the proper first-boot state.

  • Image the PC - I use G4U, but anything else (WDS, Ghost, whatever) will do just as well.

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