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We would like to move away from Google Code to something like Redmine or Trac, but then we'd have to host the solution ourselves. Since we're a globally used open source project, we need the issue tracker to be reliable (in terms of responsiveness) when accessed anywhere in the world.

So I figured cloud computing is probably a good solution (in terms of cost-effectiveness), but what issue trackers will work on cloud hosting? Usually they have their own APIs and platforms, so I have a feeling you can't just use something like Trac, or can you?

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I think you are more looking for a CDN or geographically distributed serves rather than "cloud computing". Why do you want to move away from Google Code anyway? Would another similar site like GitHub or Sourceforge appeal more to you or do you want to host your project infrastructure (SCM, issue tracker, mailing lists, …) yourselves in any case? – joschi Jun 26 '10 at 17:13
Google have stopped adding new features to Google Code, so I've lost interest in that product. Github's issue management is too simple, and everyone hates SF. Trac is [one of the] most popular, but you need to host it yourself. – nbolton Jun 26 '10 at 18:39

lighthouse is a cloud based issue tracker they have GIT integration as well so should make committing easy enough. they also have an api

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As you are an open source project, we'll donate you a license of CounterSoft Gemini.

Drop us a note if you are interested.

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