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I'm using (Metasploit framework-3.4.0-linux-i686) under Kubuntu, and i'm the only Linux machine connected to my company network, so i was trying to let my boss know that our network is a big mess, and prove that using metasploit, witch i didn't use before just heared the guys talking about it a year ago.

though using Metasploit is pretty easy, but non of the exploits is working properly, and when ever i write exploit on the msconsole it gives me something like "exploit executed but no session was created.", and i'm pretty sure i'm doing the configuration right, i even checked that twice a every time i change the exploit.

BTW our main network depends on a 2 Windows server 2003 machines.

any ideas ??? am i doing this wrong ????

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How do you know it's a big mess? – Oskar Duveborn Jul 25 '10 at 20:17

Not sure what your environment is like, and this doesn't answer your question, but have you considered that it's not a good idea to be using an exploit framework you don't fully understand against a production network?

To your question, from H D Moore at the Metasploit mailing list:

The "no session was created" message occurs if one of the following happens:

1) The exploit you use doesn't work against the target you selected. Could be the exploit is for a different version, there is a problem with the exploit code, or there is a problem with the target configuration.

2) The exploit you use was configured to use a payload that doesn't create an interactive session. In this case, the framework has no way of knowing whether the exploited worked, because it doesn't receive a connection from the target when its successful (for example, running notepad). [...]

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