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WHen i do ps -A

Then i get the list of all processes , Is there any tutorial which explains which process is doing what

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Usually you'll get an idea what each process does in its man page. Just run man $processname (e. g. man init) to open the corresponding man page.

Processes shown within square brackets in the output of ps -ef (e. g. [kthreadd]) are kernel process for which you won't find a man page.

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Is there any place on web where i can get kernel process info – John Jun 28 '10 at 6:39
The kernel processes are usually described in the documentation of the respective kernel subsystem, see… – joschi Jun 28 '10 at 6:55

ps -A x will list the processes as well as the command line arguments used (which is really useful). netstat -tup will list all tcp and udp connections as well as the process driving those connections. Run as root if some process ids are blanked out. lsof -p pid will list all the open handles currently owned by the process associated with pid. This information usually encapsulates files and sockets, very useful for figuring if a process has got a lock on a file. grep, awk, sort and uniq are great tools for ordering and filtering the data generated by the ps, netstat and lsof commands.

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