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I've set up DFS-R between three servers, and so far, it is replicating everything as its supposed to.. The problem is, I can not access the DfsrPrivate folder, where is it located? So far I see the link/shortcut from within my replicated folder. But I get an access denied, when trying to open it..

I can open and browse the DfsrPrivate when I'm trying to specify another staging folder through DFS own configuration, but I can not see files, only folders. Do files/folders I deleted while having an active DFS replication group, get deleted permanently or does it store it in the "Deleted" folder under DfsrPrivate?

Another "bonus" question is, if you're dealing with around 500gb of images, how large a staging quota do you recommend? Is there any "Best Practice"?


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You need to be a Domain Admin to override the permissions and view the DfsrPrivate folder (located in the DFS root folder; should be able to pull up \\domain\dfs_root\DfsrPrivate). It does contain a Delete folder within it, but it should manage the size of that folder automatically. Deleted items are moved to the Deleted folder until all partners in the replication have it moved there, then it's actually deleted.

The Staging size must be at least as large as the largest file you want replicated (best practice: take 10 file from the 10th percentiles, the staging should be the sum of their sizes).

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I've asked the domain admin to change rights, so a specific usergroup and I, got full rights over the DfsrPrivate folder, though, i still cant open the folder, permission denied.. It says its "Domain Bases in Windows 2000 Server mode" could that be the reason? – psalomonsen Jul 22 '10 at 11:09
I figured it out, I can access the Dfsrprivate folder through the DFS program, under the namespace, when I click "Open in Explorer" thought, I cant open on the server on which I'm logged in. Only the two others. – psalomonsen Aug 6 '10 at 7:57

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