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I've been reading about mysql's binlogs and sql dumps, and I have a doubt: Is there any benefit in using binlogs instead of sql dumps? I know you can use binlogs for making incremental backups -something impossible to do with dumps-, but I wonder if there is another benefits with binlogs.

Bye! And thanks!!

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I use a mixed approach for backups: automatic mysqldump during dawn and I keep binlogs to use as an incremental backup since last mysqldump.

But binlogs importance is greater than this: binlogs are also used do set MySQL master-slave replication as they keep the record of every statements that should be replicated to the slaves.

More info about MySQL binary logs here.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for answering, Marco! Yes, I knew binlogs are used for master-slave replication, although I've never used it :-) But my doubt was related exclusively to backups. If there is some kind of advantage in using binlogs over dumps or if they are complementary solutions. Bye! And thanks!!! – Matias Jun 29 '10 at 20:12

with binlogs you can roll into any givent moment in past; not just day before, 2 days before etc [assuming you have daily backups]. this can be helpful especially in tracing some possible bugs in your apps using the db.

similarly to Marco i use full dumps+binlogs [for replication purpose and for tracing back].

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