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We have our Templates for Office 2003 located in a shared location \servername\Templates$ This is also the location of our Word Startup Folder. Both settings are set in a User Group Policy. This has been working for Word forever. Now we have a company who is making a Powerpoint template for us. They are trying to refer to the network location by reading the registry setting SharedTemplates that is supposed to be located at


The problem is that there is no such registry entry there. But Word is working. So I am trying to find out how Word knows the network location, so that the Powerpoint template can get the same location. I really do not want to hard code the location into the Powerpoint Addin. Thanks!

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You can use regshot to find defferences in registry with enabled setting in group policy and with disabled one.

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You might try changing the template location setting on a sacrificial sample computer to a string of gibberish, and then searching the registry for that same string.

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