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I posted this question to the IBM forums, but got no response! I'm hoping someone here will be able to help.

I have recently become the lucky new owner of an Intellistation A Pro 6217. I would like to install some large SATA disks, but have not been able to find information regrading any limits on drive size that the BIOS supports. I have upgraded the BIOS from PXJT125 to PXE136A, which I believe to be the most recent BIOS.

The documentation I've seen shows that IBM supplied SATA disks as large as 500GB - has anyone successfully installed drives larger than this?

Before I splash out on a couple of drives, can anyone offer advice on what is likely (or unlikely!) to work. I'm hoping to put a pair of 1.5TB drives in if possible.



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Barring some fluke drive incompatibility, that workstation should support all SATA drives on the market today (limited to 1.5Gbps). It's got a Silicon Image 3512A SATA chipset (which is none too impressive, but works well enough).

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Thanks Chris - unless I get advice to the contrary, I'll give it a go in the next couple of week and report back here with my findings. – Daniel Paull Jul 2 '10 at 4:01
Worked without a problem. It's now sporting two 1.5TB SATA drives. – Daniel Paull Jul 9 '10 at 7:47

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