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Is there a way to configure PPTP VPN on Windows Server which automatically tells the client to add a route for the private network?

I have to do it manually on every PC (once) using following command for example:

 route add mask -p

and assigning a fixed IP address for every account.

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I haven't actually tried it, but I believe this should do what you want if you're using a windows (?2003+) domain.

At the bottom of the 'Dial-in' tab of the active directory user properties for the user you want to enable it for there's an 'Apply static routes' checkbox, and a button for entering those routes.

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Never worked for me. Don't know why... – splattne May 6 '09 at 13:34

I'd recommend you configure your DHCP server to provide the proper routes to the client via option 121, "Classless Static Routes". The VPN client's DHCP client will send a DHCPINFORM after connecting to the VPN and should receive the routes from the DHCP server. This works in Windows 7 and, if memory serves, in both Vista and XP as well.

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Not really an answer, but I know that openvpn can do this.

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You can add the routes via a DHCP option, I think it's 249. Add it to the scope that is providing addresses ro RRAS server.

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