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I have just installed Monitorix on ArchLinux using the tutorial here: wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Monitorix

I am using the Lighttpd web server.

It is working fine and the graphs are being generated, but instead of text on the graphs its replaced by 'boxes' like the language is missing or something. See picture here:

Picture of bad graphs: http://cl.ly/99929108eeabf3ed72da/

My /etc/monitorix.conf file is using "en" as the laungage:

# General
our $TITLE = "Hodge Inc.";              # your company name
our $HOSTNAME = "hodge-fs";             # hostname of this server
our $OSTYPE = "Linux-Arch";             # choose your OS type (see below)
our $SAMBAVER = "3";                    # Samba version (2 or 3)
our $MULTIHOST = "N";                   # Enable multihost feature
our $MULTIHOST_FOOTER = "N";            # (multihost) display URL in image
our $MULTIHOST_IMGPERLINE = "2";        # (multihost) # of images per line
our $REPORT_LANG = "en";                # Report language

Any ideas?

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I solved this by installing the terminus-font package.

I also updated the ArchLinux wiki here: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Monitorix

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