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The cPanel license is around $500/year, so I'm considering open source (preferably free) alternatives.

After brief searching, I found ISPConfig. Anything else that people use and are satisfied with?

I should not, I haven't tried ISPConfig, since I'm still in the searching stage. But if someone used it, what's been your general opinion of it compared to cPanel.

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What exactly do you need to use it for? I saw from your other question that you are looking to run your own server for your own purposes, so do you just need something to make it easier to administer the server, or do you want to be able to manage multiple services for other customers? –  Paul Kroon Jul 4 '10 at 0:23
A note: you can pay a monthly fee for cPanel, and it is a pretty well-built product with support included. –  gekkz Jul 4 '10 at 8:28

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I'll post an answer anyway, assuming my own interpretation of what you need. You should check out Webmin. It's a web-based interface for system administration of a server. If you only need to manage your own server for your own sites (should work even if you were managing others as well), it should work pretty well.

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This isn't really an answer because I haven't used either package, but SysCP and ispCP seem to address the same need.

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ISPConfig, it's great, been using it for over a year now. Simple and easy to administer. I haven't used cPanel for a while, but it was always too overkill for my needs, ISPConfig does everything i need it to, plus a little more. Easy to install, and maintain, good support and regular updates too. And it's open ;)


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Check Virtualmin (http://www.virtualmin.com/download.html). It's a webmin hosting module.

You may download the propietary (payed) or the free/gpl version.

It's great for hosting and with a very easy install process.


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