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How to use the same domain for multiple server DNSes?


I'm wondering how can I use the same domain to setup 3 cPanel server DNSes, instead of having a dedicated domain for each server.

Here's an example of what I want to achieve:

Server A:

Hostname: a.mydomain.com Name Server 1: ns1.mydomain.com Name Server 2: ns2.mydomain.com

Server B:

Hostname: b.mydomain.com Name Server 1: ns3.mydomain.com Name Server 2: ns4.mydomain.com

Server C:

Hostname: c.mydomain.com Name Server 1: ns5.mydomain.com Name Server 2: ns6.mydomain.com

Please help. Thanks.

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All three would have the same pair of nameservers. Just point each individual hostname at the addresses homed at the appropriate server.

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