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The shortcut to release the mouse capture in Hyper-V in 2008 R2 is the same key combination as rotating the screen. When I press this combination, the screen rotates and the mouse is still not released.

Is there same way to change one or the other key combinations?

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Use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left-Arrow and it'll trigger mouse release, but not rotate the screen and you don't have to change configurations.

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Yes. That's an unfortunate collision. Clearly the people who do the TabletPC user interface don't use Hyper-V much, and vice versa. You can change the TabletPC keys under the tablet part of the control panel.

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If you prefer you can also change the key combination for Hyper-V.

You will find this under Server Manager > Hyper-V Manager > , Hyper-V Settings from the action plane...

sample pic

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Not sure if this works on all OSes, but either Windows keys (Left or right) releases the mouse when VM is Android 4.3, which has no integration.

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