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I am installing a new Lucid Lynx server, and need to set the hostname.

I tried:

echo "squire" > /etc/hostname 
hostname -F /etc/hostname

That didn't work. anyone knows how to set the hostname?

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I believe the appropriate method from a normal user account is

sudo hostname testbox

Which successfully sets the hostname of my Lucid Lynx box to "testbox"

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Thanks: this is the first time I got an answer answered so quickly. many thanks again :) – stickman Jul 5 '10 at 17:30

As an asside, don't forget to add your new hostname in /etc/hosts, or else sudo (and a couple other things) will complain about unknown hosts.

Example: I changed my hostname from localhost to "tara" using sudo hostname tara, so I edited the line in /etc/hosts that was localhost

and made it localhost tara

(because I still wanted "localhost" to work, too)

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Hostname -F does not work for me either. But try /etc/init.d/networking restart and ping your new hostname. Will be ok.

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