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Not sure if this is a valid SF question :)

For a web site which uses Analog to create a daily web server statistic, I am looking for a tool which can read the log files and report weekly / monthly downloads (or page hits) for individual addresses / files to analyze trends over time.

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Give a look at

I couldn't remember the names, now i found them:




Maybe it can help

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awstats? it's simple... but i believe it can helps you. :-)

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Have you tried goaccess?, seems to be a quite handy tool and really fast, especially if you want to run it on the terminal. http://goaccess.prosoftcorp.com/

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You can either use Splunk>. It has useful web interface and rich capabilities of gathering info from different sources, filtering it, structuring and making reports.

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The best advise I can offer is to learn Perl. With that you can extract anything you want from any of your logs with ease. Of course as a sysadmin I would expect you already use Perl, as well as other similar tools.

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