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I start my virtual server from yesterday and move my sites to it. There is one problem which I can’t understand it. Task manager shows the Ram in use is 7.5 GB, it is very high for server status while in last server this web sites uses 3 GB ram only. I check all process on server and calculate sum of their memory usage : it was not equals to RAM usage report , sum of process memory usage was about 2 GB. If I end all process still there is many RAM in use. If I restart server for awhile ( 2 hours ) every things are ok and then usages increase . Is every things ok On server? Is this a software problem? Can you please tell me how can I find the solution?

Thanks Mehdi

using this thread I find that the mysql database server use my RAM

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It sounds like this is being used as cache. It's perfectly normal for systems to fill all available memory with cache.

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Update to 2008 R2 - the resource manager there has a WAY more detailed analysis of the RAM usage.,... and any other resource usage you can imagin (io, cpu etc.).

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