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It is possible to save and use _already banned IP's in fail2ban after restart (fail2ban or the whole server)?

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I scoured the net for hours trying to find a solid solution for this. This article was a godsend for me! Fail2Ban: Permanent SSH Bans

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Not that I'm aware of. My recomendation is to either ban for a somewhat short amount of time, or perma-ban. I configure my servers to dump a list of the perma-banned IPs to a configuration file ever 6 hours and at shutdown; then auto load that file at startup.

I have my rules setup so the perma-ban jails are very touchy, for instance 2 different invalid usernames when logging into the webmail portal will trigger it. The jails for common things like correct username/wrong password get triggered after 10 and only bans for a short time.

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