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This server is used to hack Trixbox 2.6 PBX's.

I can't tell if this server is a customers of http://www.amenworld.com/, or is it is actually one of theirs?

Who should I report hacked servers to?

I can't find the owner =(

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from thier whois :

descr: For Spam/Abuse requests please send mail to abuse@amenworld.com

Send it to that email, if it isn't theirs they will track the customer down. abuse@ is one of the few generic emails that i actually get responses (albeit mostly automated) from no-a-days

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Before you go thru the effort of doing so, you might want to lookup if the hack is recent. A lot of times hackers will self-report their actions at zone-h.org/archive, and, if it is very recent, it might be useless to report? the affected people might be already trying to fix the damage. –  Gaia Oct 4 '11 at 12:44
It's never useless to report. Worst case, it gets reported twice. –  Konerak Mar 16 '12 at 10:35

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