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The latest version of IPFire (v2.7 core 38) uses the linux kernel. This includes Microsoft's Hyper-V synthetic drivers. How do I get them working?

When IPFire boots, it loads the hv_vmbus driver automatically. That's great. I just want it to also load the network drivers and storage drivers (even just the network drivers will do!).

I can see the drivers (hv_netvsc.ko amongst others) stored in /lib/modules/ but I just can't seem to work out where to configure the system to use them. Please help!

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OK the answer I posted above doesn't quite tell which file to add them to, and the link may change at some time, so here's what I ended up doing to get it going:

add the following to /etc/sysconfig/modules

###Hyper-V Synthetic Drivers
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