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I'm running an APP under JBoss on AIX 6, and the correct way to run JBoss, as the docs says, is using the ./ script, but said script runs on front, not on the background, and also gives a lot of debug info to stdout, instead to logfile, and any ctrl+c or closing or whatever will break it...

How do I put it on background correctly and send that logging to another place?

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In bin dir you can find such three scripts:

These scripts allow you to run JBoss as a service. Unfortunately I have no idea if it works for AIX but maybe you can use one of these scripts as a starting point to create your own. At least you will see how they start JBoss in background.

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  1. To get it to run after you exit: Start it with nohup, end it with &
  2. To get a log: after the &, redirect stdout and stderr thusly: > my.file.txt 2>&1
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The debug logs should be really easy to fix.


<priority value="INFO"/>

in the definition of the root logger in the jboss-log4j.xml

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