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Is there any "conventional" way to save options passed to a ./configure script?

On the rare occasion that I need to build something from source, I generally need to pass it non-standard configure options (eg, --prefix=..., --with-foo=..., etc)… Then when I eventually need to re-build it, I've forgotten all the options I originally used.

Currently I use something like this:

$ mv configure{,.real}
$ echo "./configure.real --prefix=... --with-foo=..." > ./configure
$ chmod +x ./configure

But that feels… Less then ideal.

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Duplicate:… – Warner Jul 8 '10 at 21:51
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As well as config.log, most configure scripts will create a config.status script which will be executable, and when you run it will do the configure with the same options you did originally.

You should be able to just do ./config.status

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After ./configure you normally have a config.log file containing the ./configure command (including option) as well as the software name. I use to keep this one.

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