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I want to migrate current data from simple hard disk drives to RAID1 to reduce the risk of losing daily data in case of hard disk failure. Every PC I want to migrate have a RAID1 support, requiring to use BIOS.

Now, I see that there is a feature in Disk Management "Add Mirror" and "New mirrored volume", which enables software RAID1.

I suppose that hardware RAID1 is better than software RAID1 in terms of performance: the first one will probably increase read performance in some circumstances, whereas the second one will probably do nothing. Is it true?

What are the other drawbacks, problems and weaknesses of software vs. hardware RAID1?

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For Windows specifically we've discovered that you can't extend software-Raid1 volumes. This is more of an issue when you've got some kind of storage array backing your server, but can also arise when adding new disks to a server. Once that RAID1 volume is created, that's the size it shall be forever more.

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Well, since I don't expect any hardware changes (other than replacing the whole machine), it's ok for me. – MainMa Jul 8 '10 at 23:17

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