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Okay i have what may seem a really easy to solve problem but i've been trying to solve it for days.

I'm trying to deploy a MVC2 application to a IIS 5.1 server running Windows XP Pro. (it's actually the default MVC2 app) However when i deploy, the only thing i'm able to see is a Directory listing. I tried a lot of stuff but can't get it to display anything other than the directory listing.

hopefully i'm just a noob who forgot to add something, thanks for your answer :)

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Verify that:

  • The appropriate .NET Framework has been installed on the workstation.
  • ASP.NET has been installed (if the .NET Framework was installed prior to IIS being installed, it won't be): aspnet_regiis -i
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i tried installing it, it installed succesfully but i still get the damn directory listing :( – Gadgetsan Jul 10 '10 at 2:21

I Found the solution, i had to add an extension to run mvcs:

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