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dear all.. i need your help i'm new for using linux... i want to copy one folder to server.. i'm still confuse to use ftp mput... will you tell me step by step??

i want to copy foldet "dataTable-1.6" at /home/qa/html/dataTable-1.6 into html folder at server../www/html.. how to do that?

1> qa@qadesktop2:~$ ftp 10230.35.211
2> fill password
3> ftp>cd www/html
4> ftp>mput
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How you would normally copy all of the files in a folder to a remote location via FTP :

** First move to the local directory before starting the ftp client **

$ cd /home/qa/html/dataTable-1.6
$ ftp

** Login using loginname and password **

ftp> cd www/html
ftp> mput *

** mput will copy all files found at the current local directory matching the attributes (* will match all filenames, *.zip will only upload files ending with .zip) **

The standard FTP client does not support recursive copying (i.e. Folders within folders).

Check out lftp or ncfp. These are more featureful ftp clients, which support recursive transfers, syncing and a lot more.

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