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I have a question regarding the web server that I am setting up. It is a dual core 2.67 G AMD 64 bit X2 based machine with 2GB of ram (667MHZ). I am setting it up with tomcat, apache2 and MySql(all running on the same box). I have not given any special heap to tomcat so it is running on its default heap space.

I have installed Ubuntu 10 x64 in the machine. My application is database intensive. The servlet responses about 300KB of data in 250ms (as per the profiling) and the browser loads all of it in under 4 secs for the first hit and about 2.5 secs in the cache.

Now I want to test the load of the system and proceed with the optimizations. But before doing that I would like to know from the community if anyone could provide me with some head start regarding the number of concurrent users(say 100 requests/sec) that this setup could (or should) support. Any benchmark on the H/W and S/w stack would help me to find the bottlenecks.

Any suggestions in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Sorry being verbose. Thanks for your time and help in advance.

Cheers, Samik

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Have you considered using Apache AB? It's not perfect by any means, but it does a pretty good job of giving you a metric to base optimizations against.

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Oops, just noticed the date it was asked. Probably too little too late. Sorry. –  OldTroll May 26 '11 at 17:19

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