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I have an EC2 AMI in region1. I however want to start an EC2 instance with this image in region2.

Seems like should be a common scanario, but I can't find a way to do this.

I prefer to use Elasticfox, but can use the command line tools.

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You have to copy it to the zone in which you want to start the new instance.

From Amazon EC2 documentation:

How do I launch an AMI in another Region?

Simply copy your AMI from its current bucket to a bucket located in the Region where you want to launch the AMI and register the AMI. For example, to launch a US-based AMI in the EU Region, you have to copy the AMI to an Amazon S3 bucket that was created with an EU location constraint. After the AMI is copied, you must register the AMI and use the obtained AMI ID for launches in the new Region.

Also, make sure to give read access to the bucket, image manifest, and image parts to for Windows AMIs, and for Linux AMIs.

What tools are available to help *migrate my AMIs to a new Region?*

The API Tools contain a new command called ec2-migrate-image. It is designed to help migrate AMIs to a new Region. Run ec2-migrate-image --help for more details.

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